The temperatures have warmed up. Ok, they have warmed, cooled, warmed again, and so on. We are nor weather experts so we can’t say for sure what is going on really. We do know that these fluctuating temperatures have some serious consequences.

The first is one that we have all seen…….road conditions. Dirt roads are heaving and are treacherous to drive. Paved roads have more potholes than ever. These conditions make driving a lot more difficult. Please pay attention. The ruts, potholes, and other disturbances can throw your car car around. You also need to be on the lookout for what the oncoming cars are doing. They may be trying to avoid these things and end up in your lane……..watch out.

Another thing we are seeing is sickness. The change in temperatures is messing with allergies, sinuses, and the flu. Don’t be afraid to go see the doctor. It may be the difference between a cough and pneumonia.

A big risk with all the temperature changes are chimney fires. As the temps go up, fires aren’t burned as hot and creosote builds up. Then when the temps go down, a chimney fire starts. While we are reads, willing, and able to help with these, prevention is a lot easier. Make sure your chimney is clean and the you are burning only well seasoned wood.