Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

We don’t know how to say thank you enough.

For everyone who stopped by and bought food, drinks, or raffle tickets – Thank You

But even more so, we need to thank all of those that helped in the booth.  We would love to write everyone’s names here and thank them each, but we can’t.  There were so many that stopped by and donated an hour or a lot more that the list would be too long and we would be afraid of missing someone.  We had relatives of members, friends of members, and even some that no one knew who they were that helped out.  We had a bunch of kids from 4-H donate time and serve food, stock the drinks, and help in many ways.  To all of you that helped, we cannot say THANK YOU enough.

While we didn’t break any records, we did well.  In doing so, we found out that the addition that we put on the booth was well worth the effort.  And to those that helped build the addition, another great thank you.

Denny Kirpatrick, Tracy Kirpatrick, Dan Alberts, Jim Gluvna, Greg Bloomgren, Mike Chase, Jerry Jespersen, and Marita Jespersen – Thank you for helping to build the addition.

To Grant Lumber – a great big Thank you for all you did.  Whether it be delivering materials after hours, telling us how we actually should be building, figuring the materials we need, or any of the other ways you helped, Thank you.

We really want to thank Rian Pope, Jill Bloomgren, and Jim Schreiber.  They were there every weekend and several days of the week starting in May and then working every single day of the fair to get the booth built, ready, and then run it during the week.  Thank You.