Warren County Fair….Coming Soon!!

Amazing that the fair is less than a week away.  The summer has flown by for us.  When you come to eat the best food no the fairgrounds, you will see why.  We have done a huge amount of work to the food booth this summer.

First, we put the grill, the fryers, and the freezer in the food booth all on casters.  Now we can move them to clean more easily.  Next, we tore out the old walk in cooler.  The compressor unit was failing and the insulation panels were falling apart.  From there, we moved the cooking appliances so that they are centered under the exhaust hood.  After moving that, we decided that more shelving was needed so that we could perform a better inventory of what we have.  When we built the food booth, we made provisions to have a bathroom.  Unfortunately, that room became where the water heater, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff got placed.  It is now a functional bathroom.

Now, we placed 6 poles in the ground.  We are now 12′ longer and have a 6′ wider food booth.  In the back, we placed a new walk in cooler unit.  With the extra space, we also moved our dish washing out to the addition and put a prep sink where it used to be.  The freezers (other than the one directly behind the fryers) were placed in the addition.  It was also decided that our 3 door beverage cooler was old and unreliable.  There is now a brand new 2 door cooler on casters.  We also purchased 2 small refrigerators for dips, sauces, and our strawberry shortcake.

With the cooking appliances moved back, we were able to get new stainless counters in front of the fryers and beside them.  We also added new electric cords to move all of the serving to the front so that there is less walking to get the food out the window to you.

Our hope is that we will now have a faster, more efficient booth that will allow us to better serve you as well as reduce the stress on us working in the booth………………………….which leads us to the next improvement – you.  That’s right, for the unbelievable deal of working in our food booth to help us, we will provide you with 1 day pass for each day you work in the booth.  Linda is scheduling shifts including 10-2:30, 2-6:30, and 6 to closing.  If you can help us out, please let her know (814)730-2283.