The Lander Volunteer Fire Department operates 4 pieces of apparatus.  They include our rescue – 567, Engine – 562, Tanker – 564, and Utility / Brush Truck – 568.

Rescue 567

Rescue 567

Rescue 567  is our medium duty rescue and responds to all EMS incidents in Farmington Township as well as all accidents.  It carriers a full range of QRS medical equipment as well as extrication equipment including Holmatro spreaders, cutters, and rams, high pressure air bags, traffic control equipment, and a host of hand tools.

See also our Rescue page that better shows this unit.

Engine 562014

Engine 562 is a 1986 E-One pumper.  This engine is equipped with a 1,000 gallon water tank and a 1,500 gallon per minute pump.  This truck was purchased used from a department near Syracuse, NY.  562 has a 6V92-TA Detroit Diesel with an automatic transmission.  We carry 1,400 feet of 5″ hose, 650 feet of 3″ hose, a 1,600 gallon portable pond, 4 – 200 foot 1 3/4″ cross-lays, a portable pump, chimney chains, lights, EMS kit, and a whole host of hand tools.  562 also carries 6 of our ISI-Viking SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) for breathing in hazardous conditions.  Engine 562 is first due for all of our structure fires as well as mutual aid for water supply.

 Tanker 564676


Tanker 564 is a 2008 Rosenbauer pumper-tanker.  This unit was purchased through the federal Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program (AFG).  564 comes with a 410hp Cummins Diesel, automatic transmission, 60,000 GVW, 2,000 gallon tank, adapters, and hand tools.  We also carry 1,600 feet of 5″ hose, 700 feet of 3″ hose, 4 – 200 foot 1 3/4″ cross-lays, chimney chains, a 2,100 gallon portable pond, portable pump, and EMS kit.  Tanker 564 also carries 4 of our ISI Viking SCBA.

564 was set up to be able to function independently as either an engine or a tanker.  This allows us to respond with one apparatus and have a fully functioning engine with 2,000 gallons of water when manpower is low.  But it also maintains complete functionality as a tanker with dumps available on both sides as well as the rear with extending chutes and dump valves that can be operated from the driver’s seat.


Utility 568


Utility 568  is a 1996 Dodge 3500 with a V-10 gas engine and contractors box.  This unit was purchased as a separate cab / chassis and a bed.  Members of the department built the truck from these components including wiring, mounting the bed, and adding the upper tool boxes as well.  568 is our utility truck as well as the brush truck.  It was used for traffic control, EMS mutual aid, manpower mutual aid, brush fires, and trees down.  This unit carries a full compliment of EMS equipment so that it is just as medically capable as the rescue.