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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

We don’t know how to say thank you enough.

For everyone who stopped by and bought food, drinks, or raffle tickets – Thank You

But even more so, we need to thank all of those that helped in the booth.  We would love to write everyone’s names here and thank them each, but we can’t.  There were so many that stopped by and donated an hour or a lot more that the list would be too long and we would be afraid of missing someone.  We had relatives of members, friends of members, and even some that no one knew who they were that helped out.  We had a bunch of kids from 4-H donate time and serve food, stock the drinks, and help in many ways.  To all of you that helped, we cannot say THANK YOU enough.

While we didn’t break any records, we did well.  In doing so, we found out that the addition that we put on the booth was well worth the effort.  And to those that helped build the addition, another great thank you.

Denny Kirpatrick, Tracy Kirpatrick, Dan Alberts, Jim Gluvna, Greg Bloomgren, Mike Chase, Jerry Jespersen, and Marita Jespersen – Thank you for helping to build the addition.

To Grant Lumber – a great big Thank you for all you did.  Whether it be delivering materials after hours, telling us how we actually should be building, figuring the materials we need, or any of the other ways you helped, Thank you.

We really want to thank Rian Pope, Jill Bloomgren, and Jim Schreiber.  They were there every weekend and several days of the week starting in May and then working every single day of the fair to get the booth built, ready, and then run it during the week.  Thank You.

Warren County Fair….Coming Soon!!

Amazing that the fair is less than a week away.  The summer has flown by for us.  When you come to eat the best food no the fairgrounds, you will see why.  We have done a huge amount of work to the food booth this summer.

First, we put the grill, the fryers, and the freezer in the food booth all on casters.  Now we can move them to clean more easily.  Next, we tore out the old walk in cooler.  The compressor unit was failing and the insulation panels were falling apart.  From there, we moved the cooking appliances so that they are centered under the exhaust hood.  After moving that, we decided that more shelving was needed so that we could perform a better inventory of what we have.  When we built the food booth, we made provisions to have a bathroom.  Unfortunately, that room became where the water heater, and a lot of miscellaneous stuff got placed.  It is now a functional bathroom.

Now, we placed 6 poles in the ground.  We are now 12′ longer and have a 6′ wider food booth.  In the back, we placed a new walk in cooler unit.  With the extra space, we also moved our dish washing out to the addition and put a prep sink where it used to be.  The freezers (other than the one directly behind the fryers) were placed in the addition.  It was also decided that our 3 door beverage cooler was old and unreliable.  There is now a brand new 2 door cooler on casters.  We also purchased 2 small refrigerators for dips, sauces, and our strawberry shortcake.

With the cooking appliances moved back, we were able to get new stainless counters in front of the fryers and beside them.  We also added new electric cords to move all of the serving to the front so that there is less walking to get the food out the window to you.

Our hope is that we will now have a faster, more efficient booth that will allow us to better serve you as well as reduce the stress on us working in the booth………………………….which leads us to the next improvement – you.  That’s right, for the unbelievable deal of working in our food booth to help us, we will provide you with 1 day pass for each day you work in the booth.  Linda is scheduling shifts including 10-2:30, 2-6:30, and 6 to closing.  If you can help us out, please let her know (814)730-2283.

Warren Gives

Today is the day.  Today is the annual Warren Gives campaign.  Today only, you can make an online donation and 100% of your donation goes directly to us here a the fire department.  Better yet, there are matching funds available, so for every dollar donated, there will be an additional amount donated thanks to the generosity of several area foundations and businesses.

Please take this chance to help support us in our mission of serving Farmington Township and the surrounding communities.

This weekend is our annual spring sportsman show.  We will have the hall full of vendors selling guns, knives, reloading supplies, gun parts, and much more.  The kitchen will be open the entire time and we will have plenty of food available.

Doors will open at 9 on Saturday and close at 4pm.  They will reopen at 9 on Sunday and go until 3pm.  There is a $5 entry fee to come in and see what all is available.  There is plenty of parking in the back. Please stop in and see what is for sale or what you want to trade.


The temperatures have warmed up. Ok, they have warmed, cooled, warmed again, and so on. We are nor weather experts so we can’t say for sure what is going on really. We do know that these fluctuating temperatures have some serious consequences.

The first is one that we have all seen…….road conditions. Dirt roads are heaving and are treacherous to drive. Paved roads have more potholes than ever. These conditions make driving a lot more difficult. Please pay attention. The ruts, potholes, and other disturbances can throw your car car around. You also need to be on the lookout for what the oncoming cars are doing. They may be trying to avoid these things and end up in your lane…… out.

Another thing we are seeing is sickness. The change in temperatures is messing with allergies, sinuses, and the flu. Don’t be afraid to go see the doctor. It may be the difference between a cough and pneumonia.

A big risk with all the temperature changes are chimney fires. As the temps go up, fires aren’t burned as hot and creosote builds up. Then when the temps go down, a chimney fire starts. While we are reads, willing, and able to help with these, prevention is a lot easier. Make sure your chimney is clean and the you are burning only well seasoned wood.

Happy Holidays and be safe!!

We at the Lander Volunteer Fire Department would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season.  Please take this time to appreciate what you have and who you have in your life.  Unfortunately, we see a lot of loss in people’s lives due to the nature of what we do.  It makes us appreciate what we have and we ask that you take stock this holiday season and do the same.

It is also the season of winter (if you hadn’t already noticed the snow).  There will be lots of slippery days ahead.  The importance of good winter tires, being alert, and slowing down cannot be overstated.  We don’t want to see these types of things.

December 5th accident on Jackson Run.  (no one was seriously injured)

December 5th accident on Jackson Run. (no one was seriously injured)

This is also the time where temperatures will drop.  Make sure you have a blanket, and extra jacket or something else to keep you warm if your vehicle ends up stuck in the winter weather.

Hopefully everyone will have a safe and wonderful holiday season.  We hope to see you safe and happy this season, and not because we were called to an incident.



Turkey Party Next Week

It is the time of year where Turkey Parties are everywhere.  For those of you that have been to ours, we look forward to seeing you again on the 12th.  For those of you that have never been to Lander for the turkey party, let me tell you why you should be here.

  • No charge at the door
  • Free popcorn, hot dogs, and chips
  • Free pop, water, and coffee
  • Free beer
  • Pull tabs
  • Most tickets on the wheel are only 50 cents
  • We will have aver 40 spins between 7pm and 10pm (average of 4 to 5 minutes per spin)
  • Door prizes

On the wheel:

  • Steaks
  • Turkeys
  • Hams
  • Pepperoni and cheese
  • Cash

Saturday, November 12th at 7pm.  Doors open at 6pm.  Snacks at 6:30pm.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

We want to thank everyone that took part in the Sportsman Bash Saturday.  Whether this was buying a ticket, sponsoring the event, selling tickets, attending the event, cooking food, working the day for us, talking on the microphone, or any of the many jobs done behind the scenes and in planning.

Thanks to all of these people (especially those of you that attended and spent the day with us) the day was a great success.  We cannot thank the workers and helpers enough, nor can we fully express our thanks to those of you that support us through donations.

The winners will be posted soon for the guns from the tickets.  We are now planning next year’s event and look forward to seeing you there.

Coming Soon

We are less than 3 weeks from the Sportsman Bash!!  It is hard to believe, but we are getting very close to the big day.  We have been having lots of meetings, getting things in order, and overall trying to prepare for the event.

The menu is set, tents are ordered, tickets are out (and we already have a lot back), and the final preparations are being taken care of.  This should be easily the best event we have done yet.  Prizes for the wheel have been tweaked (with the ones that you didn’t like removed and some exciting ones added) and other changes have been made to not only make things run smoother, but to also make you have the best day you can!

Once again we will have remote parking with a shuttle service and plenty of parking available.  We will also have plenty of seating, so please bring a friend for the day to have a great time with.  Just remember that they will need a ticket as well.

We can’t wait to see you.