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6 Days!!

That is right, it is only 6 days until the Lander Volunteer Fire Department food booth opens at the Warren County Fair.  Sunday August 7th we will be serving a full menu of food.

This year there are some changes.  We will not be selling sausage sandwiches this year.  We want to add some new items to the menu so we needed to make room.  With the great number of other vendors selling sausages, we decided to remove it so that we could add other items.  One of those items will be home made smoked macaroni and cheese.  This will be made fresh daily and available all week long.  We are also adding pulled pork.

Of course we will still have our famous burgers, chicken tenders, fresh cut curly fries, Pot-O-Gold milk flavors, and strawberry shortcake.  Please stop by and try our food.  If you never have, you will love the food, if you have been hear before, try your favorites along with the new offerings.

If you are looking for something to do during your long stay at the fair, let us know.  We can always use another person helping out in the food booth.

Sportsman Bash Tickets

The tickets are out now.  All members will eventually have them for sale.  They will also be sold at the food booth at the Warren County Fair.

Front of Ticket

Front of Ticket

Back of Ticket

Back of Ticket

How hot is it……….?

It is so hot that pools are catching on fire.

This morning we were dispatched to assist Sugar Grove with a pool fire.  The homeowners woke up this morning to see their pool deck in flames.  Luckily the damage was limited to the deck, a propane grill, and the side of the pool.  There was a propane tank there that thankfully did not blow and there was no damage to the house.  0714160620a

But you know it is hot out when even the pools are catching on fire.  Stay cool out there.

The fair is coming soon.

It doesn’t seem like the summer is almost half over, but here we are just 4 weeks from the start of the fair.  The Warren County Fair begins 8/7 with vesper service and ends 8/13 with fireworks.  We will be there from the very beginning to the very end serving great food.

Our food booth is located right next to the milking parlor, directly behind the stands for the horse ring on the lower barn road.

This year we are going to try a couple new things.  First, we will not be selling sausages this year.  While we had our fans of the sausages we got, we want to try some new items that we know you will love.  In order to do that, we had to make some room on the menu.  On of the new items will be smoked Macaroni and Cheese.  This will be home made macaroni and cheese that is made in a smoker.  It will be made fresh every day and served hot.  Rian Pope will be putting this together for us (as well as being in charge of the food booth as a whole this year).  We also have a couple other items that will be changing, but we will have more on that as we get closer to the fair opening.

We will still have the Pot-O’-Gold milk flavors as always and our famous burgers, fresh cut curly fries, and breakfast bowls that were a huge hit last year.

We will see you at the fair.

The Heat is Here

It has been beautiful around lately.  Lot’s of sunshine, warm temperatures, everything is growing.  Now it is getting even warmer.  While we urge you to get out and enjoy nature, we want to make sure you are doing so safely.

Don’t wait until you are sweating and thirsty before you get a drink.  Before you even go outside, get a tall glass of water.  When you are gardening, mowing, or working on the house; make sure you are taking breaks to get water back in your system.  Once you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Thirst is your body’s way of letting you know that the fluid levels are low.  Make sure you are keeping the tank full throughout the day and not waiting until you are already al hot and sweaty before getting a drink.

Another reason to keep drinking is that it will help with the heat.  By having adequate fluid in your system, your body can cool itself more easily.  Heat exhaustion and dehydration go hand in hand.  Once you start getting hot, you sweat more.  Once you are losing fluids, you are reducing the body’s ability to cool.  This means you get hotter quicker until you get to the point where you are not even sweating anymore.  This is where you are in the danger zone.  At this point the body is trying to compensate for the excessive heat and really bad things are about to happen.

Again, the easiest way to keep this from happening is to make sure that you are taking in plenty of fluids, and if possible, keeping out of the sun / heat when it is really bad.

Stay safe out there.

Severe Summer Weather

As you are all aware, there is some pretty severe weather that has already been around this year.  With the strong winds and heavy downpours this weekend, high humidity, and high temperatures, it is as if we are already most of the way through the summer with what we have seen.  But rest assured, there is more ahead.

With the high heat levels, make sure that you are well hydrated.  Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water.  And yes, water is best.  While we do need minerals, electrolytes, and other substances, the most important is the water itself.  Heat stroke and dehydration are the two most common heat related ailments.  Keeping properly hydrated will help with both.

When it does become too hot out, stay inside.  The lawn will still be there when it cools down a little.  The shrubs aren’t going anywhere.  The weeds in the garden aren’t going to miss you.  While we all want to take care of these things, if it is too hot, it is too hot.  Wait until it is cooler to take care of the outside work.

This weekend was also a reminder of the thunderstorms that come through from time to time.  Keeping away from windows, staying away from trees, and not going golfing with lightning all around are a few of the simple reminders to keep in your thoughts during the summer months.

Thank you

We had a great turnout for the chicken BBQ last Sunday.  We want to thank each and every one of you that made the trip out to get some chicken.  We also appreciate all the compliments that we got on the food.  We take great joy in knowing that when we put on a fundraiser, that those that support us are really enjoying it.  It makes us feel that we are doing things right.

We were able to sell over 280 pieces of chicken.  That is more than we normally do for the May bbq.  But after selling out at the February dinner, we wanted to make sure that no one was turned away.  The last people were walking through the door shortly after 2pm, when we started cleaning up.

We also want to thank those of you that supported us through the Warren Gives campaign.  That money is very greatly appreciated.  While we don’t know the final numbers for the bbq or the Warren Gives donations, we want to take this time to let you all know that we are grateful for your support of the department.


Warren Gives – Chicken BBQ

This is a busy week.  Wednesday is Warren Gives!  This is the annual fundraiser where online donations are given directly to the organizations that you choose.  There is no administrative fees.  Everything that you donate goes directly to your charity of choice.  What is better is that there is a $35,000 matching fund this year.  That means that your donation will be increased.

We have many projects going on right now including finishing the installation of a new washer for our gear, putting new rescue equipment in service, upgrading hose and nozzles, and working to save enough money to replace our 30 year old engine.  Any and all donattions are very appreciated.

Then Sunday, we have our spring chicken BBQ.  That is right, the last bbq of the season for us.  We will start serving at noon and will go until we are sold out.  In February we sold out early, so we got a few more this time.  But come early to make sure you get one of our dinners.  They include half a chicken slow cooked over a charcoal fire (never burnt or undercooked) with our special sauce, Applesauce, Macaroni salad, Roll, and a Sundae for dessert.  All of this for $9.  We hope to see you then.

Warren Gives

May 18th is the annual Warren Gives campaign.  This is a one day event where the Warren Community Foundation takes donations through their website.  When a donation is given, the person making the donation states who they want to receive their generous gift.  The foundation then takes all of the donations that day and then adds to the total from a $35,000 matching fund.  This means that any donations that you make to the Lander Volunteer Fire Department through this event will be increased by the matching fund.

There is no charge for the donations and 100% of what you would donate on that day comes to the department.  And through the matching fund, your donation is increased.  This is the 3rd year that we have participated and we have seen the donation increase each year.  We would love to see it continue to climb.

We are currently in process of completing several projects around the fire hall and your donations would be greatly appreciated.  We are trying to purchase some additional chains, straps, and other items to complement our new rescue tools.  With the tools and the additional supplies, our capabilities will be far greater than they have ever been.  We are also installing a new washer and dryer for our turnout gear to keep them clean and help them to last longer.  This is not a normal washing machine.  It is a $7,500 machine specially designed to clean the toxins that get in our gear during fires.

Any donation is greatly appreciated, and is especially coveted during this event where the amount will be increased through the matching fund.

Please consider donating through the Warren Gives campaign.

Please consider donating through the Warren Gives campaign.


Stay Safe

With the beautiful spring weather, a lot of us have been outside working, playing, and just enjoying the area.  Unfortunately, this means that we start to see an increase in our call activity.  Last week we responded to an ATV accident on Wenzel Road.


Lander, Russell, North Warren, Emergycare, Conewango Police, and Stat Medivac were all called for this incident.


Neither person riding the atv were wearing helmets.  They were also operating their vehicle on a public road that has not been permitted for atv use.  We would like to remind everyone out there that some roads are marked for atv traffic and you should always ask the private landowners before travelling on their property.